Monday, June 13, 2011

Freedom Being Relative

time walks with the snails
sound is a ghost in here
a hum or rattle or click
yet comes to life outside
singing with the birds
rustling with the leaves

walls imprison the spirit
that longs to hang on the eaves

there's a tap, clip, tap
while searching for time's
quicker companion
in a box where sound
is resurrected through
digital streams of infinity

the rabbit runs too quick
to ever find divinity

while stuck inside a box
i search a box of magic
for a life that lives
outside in a sphere
of gases and minerals
i feel i might be falling

down the rabbit hole
into a life to my life's stalling

to run away into the wild
live with the animals
sing with the birds
to let time tap out its
very own rhythm
in the sphere of gases

freedom being relative
to all of humanity's masses

1 comment:

  1. thid has a heavy feel of being trapped, which i know all too well...and trying to find a way out...freedom is realative...for sure...