Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Avoidance Land

although good at avoiding, i make my way
writing myself of all things desirable
i push to have that too, my very own say

although that is sometimes undefinable
i’m half between my unfinished tomorrows
finding mine, here tonight…unreliable

so to accept, i write of feelings, sorrows
annoyed that i’ve hate too…hmmm…under cover
of poetry, and tonight a dream borrows

calm from a swing, restlessness, it does hover
want too is here to play, but i’m okay and
move on to even things out with a lover

who happens to have a drink to help me stand
upright in my sweet little avoidance land

1 comment:

  1. writing is my therapy...if i did not i would probably go crazy...avoidance, yeah i think i know that too...