Saturday, July 16, 2011

Face the Day

there was a time
i was fearless
nowadays i’m
just cheerless

life has thrown
a few curve balls
blindsided me
and made me crawl

i’m gun shy now
don’t ask me how
to face the day
to make the way

but there’s something
that gets me through
and undercurrent
of courage too

and laughter finds
it’s way to me
on rainy days
it helps me see

but I’m gun shy now
don’t ask me how
to face the day
to make the way

i’m just a bit gun shy now
i don’t know how
i face the day
and make my way


  1. this is the lyrical feel...and i can appreciate the feeling as well...nice chorus...

  2. I know about the curve ball, but you are right, we still forge on. And things do get better, although it is hard to imagine at the time. Our inner strength will get us through. We're stonger than we think we are sometimes.

  3. Great poem.
    I had just recently watched the movie "Dragonfly" starring Kevin Costner,and then got out my DVD copy of "Field of Dreams" and watched that too.
    "Field of Dreams" is about Baseball and synchronicity,and a once famous author from the sixties that becomes "gun shy" and echos very much the tone of this poem.But through synchronicity Costner's character pulls the author back to his life purpose.
    I was thinking how odd it was that life does throw out these curve balls,and how glad I was to watch "Field of Dreams",and especially the extras on the DVD.
    I was just thinking about whether I should work my way through Kevin Costner's catalogue of films,including the Westerns,that don't really appeal to me.I guess I'm a bit "gun shy" of those films.
    But dropping by here and catching this curve ball,has cured my gun shyness.-)
    Maybe it's your cue to give "Field of Dreams" and Kev's other movies a play,too.