Friday, July 29, 2011


What can you say about madness? The varieties of it are endless. Most people are afraid of it and some relate it to genius.  Some just enjoy reading about it as a form of entertainment. Maybe madness is equal to an unquenchable boredom. A restlessness that refuses to roam. That is madness. What if the key to regaining peace of mind is simply to stay continuously busy? Leaving no time for thinking, one would be a machine and wouldn’t have the time or energy to malfunction. Are we all machines left over from a more primitive world? Maybe madness was born with sentience. The more introspective the person, the more insane one is likely to be? An idle mind can be torture. Has the human race been programmed to always seek entertainment? When entertainment is lacking, there are always pills.
            Madness is boredom and boredom is misery. Is this is why the insane commit suicide? They are locked into a miserable existence. The only way to quench boredom is to find a new obsession. Always seeking something new that stimulates enough to get obsessed with it until gorged, then sated, it’s tossed away and one becomes mad, or bored, yet again. So boredom is hunger. A hunger for something new.

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  1. well...that was a nice free flow...we are defined by our obsessions for sure...

    good to see you...