Thursday, July 14, 2011


someone once gave me a present
beautifully wrapped with ribbons
inside, sparkly confetti, tissue
t’was extravagant and tempting
and as i unwrapped this present
my breath escaped in awe of it

and the most delicate lace crushed
and tragedy was born with a fit

such fervid sensitivity
a curse for some, a gift too
when high, the lows seem alien
the winds blow and sadness will sigh
when manic dreams die, dejected
memories build foundations to climb

beautiful aspirations will
shine rays into the gray of time

step through the looking glass again
let the wind jostle you forward
sweet rest is a memory now
take a stretch, step it up and act
control your happy and grow hopeful
where do you go with your new strength

get away from the others’ show
of ego, learn your song in length

you forever are and will be
fitful emotions of neglect
embrace a crippled soul that’s blessed
in a privileged environment
some patience realized will save you
and time dispels the sinister

dance happy and joyful spasms
ignore the inner minister

1 comment:

  1. smiles. happy joyful spasms...i think i will...

    love the last 3 stanzas as they get right o the heart...