Tuesday, April 26, 2011


energy high
don't think i love him
went for our run
drinking a beer
outdoors on a beautiful day
wishing he would call
making my own way
feel the breeze
sometimes wonder
doesn't seem complicated
to be selfish
birds chirping
sun setting
typing away nothings
trying to get a bit of art
a little bit of soul
a bit of wisdom
while out and about
sun is setting
birds are chirping
breeze is flowing
i think about him
i think about past loves
i think about surreal feelings
i wonder how a change in perception
can cause the whole world
to seem alien
right now the world seems right
i want to always see the world this way
to feel grounded


  1. I understand this. Stay grounded. Be selfish. It's what is called for in these circumstances.

  2. quite the journey there...you feel grounded but by all the previous statements it seems the world in maybe not...the progression of him through out from dont think i love him to wishing he would call to thinking about him...hmmm

  3. This is simply- great!
    I get it. You read my heart......