Saturday, April 16, 2011

Self Reliance

boundaries for me to set rules
companions lie in fields of mules
for me, can i see the sky
not even a slice of that pie

salvation, self-preservation
levitate, it's my projection
don't purport your happier sky
not even a slice of that pie

blackness surrounds the only light
carried in my recesses, trite
rainbows live  in the outside sky
not even a slice of that pie


  1. very nice. you play well in the also acomplish a fairly nice journey in few lines...and end seemingly on a high note...

  2. trite rainbows...I like the way you combine words in your work!

  3. i can soooo see that field of mules:)
    i have to wade through a few of those, too.

  4. Some very unexpected juxtapositions carry the day.