Thursday, April 14, 2011


if there is any war worth fighting,
it should be the war to destroy
the melancholic disease that lies
latent or active in us all.


  1. It can be a destructive force. But then again, pain drove me to write in the first place. Hmmmm, perhaps the weapon is the pen? (I'm going around in circles here, sorry. I'm feverish.) Maybe I'll make sense tomorrow.:)

  2. I think the fight is the writing, or the writing the fight. In writing about it you are diminishing it's power? It's power over you anyway?

  3. I am always trying to convince myself that the worst situation is not nearly so bad if you have a positive attitude...can't always muster it though.

  4. yeah i agree withe that completely...the apathy, the...war sucks otherwise...