Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advanced Order

Assembling the uprising,
Anger persists in acquiring
Rights and overdue redemption,
In confidence of expression.

Being denied by the nation,
Locked away to breed sensations,
Having no power to question,
In confidence of expression.

Peace has been overthrown today,
Chaos will reign and give way,
To freedom of aggression,
In confidence of expression.

The prison gates opening to
Let detainees breath, see anew.
An advanced order successions,
In confidence of expression.

Welcome acrimony, passion,
Disruption a crucial lesson.
Fire, a natural precession,
In confidence of expression.


  1. Well done! It can be applied to what's going on in the world...or what's going on behind countless closed doors. :)

  2. This has the cadence of lyrics, which gives it an interesting feel. Very nice.

  3. excellent...loved the cadence and rhyme scheme...def would like to hear this one...very relevant as well...

  4. ~li, Yes! This born out of the realization that I was denying my own anger and therefore a part of myself, i was using a comparison of myself to a nation and it turned out to be very relevant to current world affairs. Surprised myself.
    ~ty Teresa and Brian