Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Past Loves

"All you need is love." ~ John Lennon

I remember a kiss beside a piped fence,
a forbidden dance, rebelled against.
I remember a rose and eleven more,
a desk defaced with silly discourse.

Do you remember our trek in nature's glen,
a birdsong among desire's last yen?
Do you remember the day we called in sick,
loving each other from noon till six?

I remember treasures you gifted to me,
the cheesy trinkets, of me you'd see.
I remember my hammock from which we fell,
our sweet giggle fits and laughter's swell.

Do you remember playing at midnight late,
a park, on a slide, on our first date?
Do you remember our gourmet dinner feast,
beget by you, devoured by me?

...p.s. nostalgia is a beautiful place to visit from time to time. these sweet memories are like adornments. precious lace to run through your fingers and rub against your cheek when you get the itch. they adorn the present, as we use their patterns to weave new delicate memories...adding today to our collection of yesteryear.


  1. nice a beautiful capture of those romantic moments....here is what i cant stand...and it has nothing to do with you...but when do you remember when is repeated in convo between two lovers too much, it makes me wonder what is happening right now...is now not good enough...what have a i lost...hmmm...sorry it is what struck me...

  2. ~ Brian, I can see what you mean. This poem is a compilation of memories from various lovers over the years. Now is good, and good memories are nice too.

  3. I think writing about those things we appear to have lost or let go of, is a form of catharsis and sometimes feels necessary as we move on, as healing takes place. It means the day is near when we can write from the moment, from the heart that has healed. Maybe, though, we should write as though the healing has already taken place, we're already on the other side of the pain, and in doing so, we really are! Just a thought that sprang out... :)

  4. I love "a rose and eleven more". Such an original way to put it. And all we really do need is love.
    I have a John Lennon quote up today, too. I'm thinking...great minds...

  5. 'nostalgia', something I indulge in frequently.

  6. Your fluid words paint a vision of your memory with romance, roses and relationship filled with laughter..thank you for sharing your memories....bkm

  7. Nostalgia balanced with vital fresh experiences...Interesting contributions here.

  8. I likes it! I've had a few such treasured moments myself. Your poetry is interesting, with its many sideways rhymes.