Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puzzle Pieces

"A good  puzzle, it's a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It's very clear, and the problem depends just on you." ~ Erno Rubik

A fragment of wisdom collides with me.
I can feel my body falling away,
As my stomach landslides inside itself.
Panic follows along, to crackle nerves.
My head explodes from pressures created,
While senses struggle to read it's message,
Unable to stretch themselves far enough.

Yet understanding is within my reach.
Demons have been exorcised while it waits
Patiently to bestow on me it's hope
In slivers of time, in rhythms of life.
A puzzle to solve, with pieces strewn and,
Snapped into place, they reveal what this is
That has impaled itself into my heart.


  1. The exercise of actually fitting the pieces together can be revealing too. "Stomach landsliding into itself", that's a good way to describe the feeling :)

  2. sometimes life feels like that!

    Aloha to you
    from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral




  3. A good and very vivid writing. That 1st quote is so true.
    Like your title:)

  4. Your poem says so much, as does the quote from Rubik. The thing about puzzles is that they ARE solveable, and so they can inspire.

  5. and sometimes we must come undone to be put back together

  6. The whole, and the feelings it leaves you with, is even better than the individual lines. You have some sort of gift for it. Unusual.