Saturday, March 26, 2011


"Nothingness not being nothing, nothingness being emptiness." ~ Isabelle Adjani

Nothing to clutch in latency,
Arrange obsessive emptiness,
In line with useless pettiness.

Need inspiration, sanity,
Write incessantly so fingers crack,
Screams so soft they come out pitch black.

Contentions bind banality,
Divergent souls at war below,
A duplicity of fresh snow.

Craziness, peace and energy,
Objects float, recoil, defy bounds,
Smoke sipped, coffee inhaled, compounds.

Sparks reach out for infinity,
Fervently pushing up dirt,
Climb invisible stairs. To flirt.

(*disclaimer - this was inspired by a collection of old journal entries...i'm pretty happy at the moment, no worries)


  1. An excellent inspiration lending to a wonderful times we need to go back to places and through places you we do not have to be there or stay there ..a visit, a memory are all that is needed...for the "Sparks" be reached...bkm

  2. I think the line "A duplicity of fresh snow" is my favorite here. "Arrange obsessive emptiness" as well; I wish I'd thought of that! It's one of those perfect juxtapositions of words. Bravo!

  3. a cachophony of imagery...some great turns of phrase as well...i keep journals too its fun to go back and see...

  4. Understood, I've just written one on similar lines - though the lines are not similar - so:know what you mean. Enjoyed reading yours, though.